3 Reasons Oregon Residents Hire Outdoor Landscape Lighting System Professionals


We live in Oregon and we LOVE it here. Everywhere you look there’s verdant beauty.

The Pacific Northwest has rich soil, dense thickets of evergreens, and forests of every tree imaginable. Everywhere you look, you see greenery.

There’s a reason for that. Rain!

Yes, it rains a heck of a lot here in the Portland area and we also experience just about every kind of weather there is from scorching summer heat to winter chill, sleet, and even snow.

Many homeowners, as well as business owners, realize the need for good outdoor lighting. It not only adds beauty and value to their properties but safety and security. But it does need to be able to withstand the ever-changing weather.

We understand the love for DIY projects, but here are three reasons to hire a Professional Lighting Designer for your outdoor landscape lighting project rather than opt for the Do It Yourself approach.

  1.      Professional grade equipment

Our professional light fixtures and installation equipment will outlast anything you can purchase at the big box stores.

As led lighting design and installation specialists, we can purchase a very high quality of lighting fixtures and lighting equipment that is not available to the layman. We work directly with American manufacturers that offer top of the line equipment. Our fixtures carry a 20-year guarantee and the transformer we use, our wiring and equipment, when installed our way, make the system built to last. LED fixtures are sensitive to heat and humidity. Many of them built to last. Our fixtures are 40% cooler with surge protectors on all fixtures and transformers. All of our equipment is specifically made for LED with arching and heat and humidity prevention. Our equipment will stand up in any weather condition Oregon throws at it.

  1.      Professional Installation

You don’t need to be an electrician to wire LED low wattage lighting, but you do need to know HOW to wire those fixtures properly. When we set up LED lighting at a home or business, you aren’t going to trip over loose wires or step on bulging plugs or transformer boxes. There’s not going to be unsightly wiring running along your pathways or dangling from your soffits. The professional lighting installers at Oregon Outdoor Lighting, know how to design and install lighting at your office, restaurant, café, hotel and private homes in a way that’s seamless, safe, and beautiful.

  1.      We do a nighttime demo, so you can see what your lighting system will look like.

After our initial contact with you, we will send out some of our team members to do a lighting demo right at your home or place of business. You don’t have to guess what your trees will look like with up-lighting, how many lights you need on your walkways, deck or pool area, or what color would look best on the stucco walls of your home. We’re going to show you. And best of all, it takes about 15-minutes for us to set up our lights. Once we get setup, we can move things around, try some different ideas, or change color, and fixture types. We have lots of options for you to consider.

Having a professional lighting company design and install lighting for your property will save you time and money in the long run. At Oregon Outdoor Lighting we pride ourselves on being a dedicated lighting company that cares about quality and reliability.

We are experienced lighting designers and installers serving both homeowners and businesses here in the Portland area.

You can call us at 503-313-8580 for more info and to set up a nighttime lighting demo at your convenience.


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