Our Mission

Oregon can be a dark place to live, in fact Portland only receives an average of 150 days of sunshine per year. This prevents many people from being able to fully enjoy their homes and yards for over half the year, not to mention the emotional toll gloomy grey days create.

At Oregon Outdoor Lighting, we bring light to the darkness by creating beautiful outdoor lighting systems delivered with first class service. When people add outdoor lighting to their homes and yards they become places of warmth and joy, creating welcoming environments to enjoy with family and friends.

We provide Oregon’s best outdoor lighting systems because everyone deserves more light in their life.

Come be a part of
our story.

We are looking for people that
exhibit these characteristics:

Service Oriented

We create success by putting the needs of team members, clients and the company mission before ourselves.

Profit Minded

We believe in being good stewards with the opportunities and resources we are blessed with and do work that is profitable in order to create sustainability, growth, and multiply our impact.

Positive under Pressure

We hold ourselves to very high quality and performance standards and welcome the pressure this creates with a positive attitude.

We do these daily actions to Reach success:

We Smile and Say Thank You

Service starts with how we make people feel so we begin all interactions with a smile and grateful attitude.

We Document Everything We Do

We record all actions and communications in order to create accountability, clarity and deliver repeatable first class service.

We Get 1% Better Everyday

We focus on getting better each day through small improvements in order to create long term success.

Amazing outdoor lighting

Outdoor Lighting is What We Do.First Class Service Is How We Do It.

We believe everyone deserves more light in their life. If you can relate to our mission and want to join us on our journey, apply today.

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