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LED Lights For Home Exterior

Homeowners love accentuating the exterior design for their residential properties. A lot of money goes into developing a beautiful design to showcase the best features of your house and yard in the best manner. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense that your exterior design falls victim

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outdoor lighting

Unique Outside Lighting Ideas

Unique Ideas for Lighting your Landscape. Outdoor lighting sometimes feels like it is all the same. For some of us, outdoor lighting means one thing- the sun. However, there are many options to add personality, light and clarity to your landscaping, whether it is a

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Outdoor Lighting Design Walkthrough

 In the video above, experience a “before & after” presentation of the top-tier transformations available from Oregon Outdoor Lighting. Presented by our design and sales consultant, Ryan Schulze, he takes you through our intuitive process of thoroughly upgrading the outdoor lighting and how we

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Why You Should Invest In Outdoor Lighting – Infographic

Appearance/aesthetics is the most obvious advantage of outdoor lighting. Professionally installed outdoor LED lighting draws attention to interesting details of your home’s architecture and improves the overall appearance of your home. With the right outdoor lighting, you will be able to better utilize your outdoor

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