Crew Lead

Crew Lead Job Description

Job type: Full Time

Compensation: $25.00 -$35.00/Hour

Benefits: Full medical/dental/vision for family, paid time off, matching 401k

Mission Statement: At Oregon Outdoor Lighting we recognize how dark it can feel living in the Northwest. We are committed to creating Oregon’s best outdoor lighting systems delivered with first class service because everyone deserves more light in their life! Key Characteristics: What we are looking for and who we strive to be.
      1. Service: We create success by putting the needs of team members, clients, and the company mission before ourselves.

      2. Profit minded: We believe in being good stewards with the opportunities and resources we are blessed with and do work that is profitable in order to create sustainability and growth and multiply our impact.

      3. Positive under Pressure: We hold ourselves to very high quality and performance standards and welcome the pressure this creates with a positive attitude.
Critical Actions: Everyday Actions
    1. We smile and say thank you: Service starts with how we make people feel so we beginall interactions with a smile and grateful attitude.

    2. We document everything we do: We record all actions and communications in order tocreate accountability, clarity, and deliver repeatable first class service.

    3. We get 1% better everyday: We focus on getting better each day through smallimprovements in order to create long term success.

Position Specific:

Objective: Install Oregon’s best outdoor lighting systems. Deliver first class service to your team members and our customers. Lead and develop your LED Technician.

LMA (Lead, Manage, Accountability)

  1. Lead by example with company Key Characteristics and Critical Actions
  2. Clearly communicate expectations to your assigned LED Technician
  3. Take full responsibility for successfully completing all assigned installs to company standards
  4. Look for opportunities to set your Team Lead up for success


  1. Install assigned projects to company standards
  2. Complete all required forms (digital or hard copy) to company standards
  3. Review all assigned installs and clarify any questions you have with Production Team Lead two weeks in advance of scheduled install date.
  4. Ensure you are 100% prepared for your assigned project before leaving the shop each day

LED Technician Development

  1. Serve your LED Technician by setting them up for success each day
  2. Train LED technician how to do installs using company install checklist
  3. Train LED technician how to perform custom/advanced install techniques when applicable
  4. Preform Quarterly EDM (Employee Development Meeting) with assigned LED Technician


  1. Maintain daily communication with Production Team Lead, Office Team and Sales Team.
    Respond to all communication sent to you.
  2. Document all communication in Slack on the appropriate channels.
  3. Follow company communication protocols. (Immediate = Phone Call, Within 3 hours =Slack, Within 24 hours = Email)
  4. Participate in All Team Chat on Slack in order to foster teamwork and create a cohesive culture

Learn, Develop, and be Proactive

  1. Ask questions and apply what you learn
  2. Pursue personal development through books, podcast and other personal development avenues
  3. Be a self starter. Move with intention and efficiency


Work hard and efficiently everyday.

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