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Exterior LED lighting Solutions Increase Security and Create Visual Appeal

Your property is important to you, whether it’s your home or place of business. How will adding an LED lighting design enhance value, create stunning visual appeal, all while making your environment a safer place to live and work?

Safety and Security: light the landscaping and grounds

Everyone wants to have beautiful landscaping around their home or place of business. After all, we live in the lush paradise that is the Pacific Northwest; a territory filled with endless possibilities for landscapers to showcase properties. Here in the Portland,  Beaverton and Wilsonville Oregon areas, we have some of the most beautiful trees and outdoor landscaping spaces in the country. Your home or business may be surrounded by maples and oaks and flanked by hydrangea or azalea bushes. Lighting this landscaping will not only increase the beauty of its design but will increase the feeling of security when approaching home or office after dark.

Backyards filled with shade in daylight will be very dark at night. Lighting the larger areas around your home in the evening will give you a sense of security when children are out playing after dark. Well lit, trees and bushes make it nearly impossible for intruders to lurk unnoticed.

Parking lots around businesses need to be well lit for safety sake. LED lighting can increase security and visibility while being attractive and welcoming as well.

Walkways that are lit increase visibility on dark nights adding a sense of safety as you, your loved ones or staff enter and exit the property. Having lighted walkways also decreases the risk of slipping and falling on wet or icy patches of walkways during inclement weather.   

Lighting a Home’s exterior Adds Value and Beauty

You’ve purchased your dream home and you want to continue to add to its value and visual appeal. LED lighting can bring out the natural beauty of your landscape design and the architecture of your home. Directional up-lighting on your trees adds to their beauty. Color on the larger areas of the home can show off the texture and design. Imagine coming home at night, after a long day at work, driving up your tree-lined driveway, each tree lit from below, and your home glowing with subtle colors and shades. Lighting increases actual and perceived value should you ever decide to sell your home as well. The lighting fixtures and designs we install at Oregon Outdoor Lighting are the most reliable, durable and long lasting LED lighting products available on the market today. Our lighting fixtures last an unheard of 20 years and are made in the USA. They are built to work in wet, cold, snowy and harsh weather conditions, not that we know anything about that in Portland.

Exterior Lighting for businesses increases the appeal of the business after dark. Hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs truly need LED lighting, as much of their business is done during evening hours. Visibility and safety are the two most important concerns when running a business whose clientele is on property late at night along with the added color branding light designs that keep your guests coming back.

Even an office building can benefit from a great LED lighting design. If your business closes at 5 pm, traffic still travels down the road your business is on. Having a well-lit building and parking lot, not only means security but visual appeal and visibility. You never know when a potential client might be passing by. Having attractive LED lighting might get their attention and serve to let them know you exist.

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Oregon Outdoor Lighting is recognized as Portland’s premier LED Lighting Design Company and is happy to offer educational lighting design consultations to show you what your property can look like when properly lit using high-quality outdoor lighting.

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