Fall Lighting Ideas

Fall Lighting Ideas


Second only to people, I think lighting is one of the characteristics of a house that truly makes it into a home. When done correctly, lighting can turn an otherwise dull-looking home into a lively-looking space.

When fall comes, it brings a challenge to lighting that has to be met with proper planning in mind. Because fall lies between summer and winter, we recommend that you go for lighting solutions that remind you of summer while ushering in the cold season.

To keep a home well lit, one may think this would mean having to contend with rather exorbitant electrical bills. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks and fall lighting ideas for you to keep your spaces looking warm and ensure that you get the most out of your lighting solutions.

Tips and Tricks to Light Your Home for Fall

Keep the lighting warm

Having naturally warm colors for your lights should be your ultimate go-to when selecting lighting solutions for your home. Instinctively, we’re all wired to relate colors like yellow, orange, and red with warmth since they are similar to our main heat sources, the sun and fire.

When you light up your house with warm-colored lights, this will conveniently bring out the feeling of your house being a warm and safe space. Thanks to advancements in lighting technology, you can find warm variants for almost every bulb you want.

However, from an aesthetic perspective, you should be cautious not to go overly warm with your lighting for fall. We suggest you try out having a warm lighting setup in a white-walled background. This would bring out that warm fireplace feeling into an otherwise modern-looking space.

Check on the fabric of your lamps

As we transition into fall, another trick may be changing up your existing lamp fabrics. Before you rush to get new warmer lamps to light up your home during fall, we suggest you consider getting lighter lampshades.

You probably used darker lampshades during summer to get the most out of the abundance of natural light from outside. As you brace yourself for winter, getting more translucent shades for your lighting may be more cost-effective than having brighter bulbs, which would increase your power bills.

Amazing outdoor lightingLight up the outside

Having the outside of the house properly lit is equally as important as doing the same inside. Of course, we’re not advocating for having thousands of lights on the outside illuminating your neighborhood at the peril of your neighbors.

When lighting up your outdoors, we recommend having slightly dim lighting. You can achieve a dimmer finish on your outdoor lights by either getting off the box dim bulbs or having circuitry that allows you to adjust the lights to your convenience.

For your outdoors, we suggest the latter since you never really know when you’d want the outside of your house to light up to its full glory.

Mix up the light sources

While the theme so far has been all about ensuring that your lighting for fall is warm, we suggest that while you’re at it, you should consider having fun with your lights.

Having fun with your lighting is mostly about trying out different colors and angles from which your lights emanate. We’re not saying that you light up your house like a nightclub or a college dorm room, though if that’s your thing, then nothing should stop you.

One idea you can try out is having alternating light colors in bulbs you may have in a row; this can be a mix of white and orange-colored bulbs. Another way to go can be having your ceiling lights warm and then try out different colors on your floor lights. All this color mixing should, however, be done using efficient energy-saving bulbs.

Go for adjustable lighting solutions

As suggested above, adjustable lights can come in handy whenever you want to set the tone for different occasions. Depending on your lighting installation, you can adjust the luminosity of your bulbs and the color of the bulbs.

If you’d want to spice things up even more, we suggest you consider having a lighting installation that allows you to have all adjustments or controls done through a smart device like your smartphone.

Don’t leave out any spaces when lighting up

When lighting up your home for fall, you may easily fail to consider some spaces with the defense that you don’t regularly use them. While this argument may hold water depending on the dynamics of your house, we recommend that you at least try to keep the lighting consistent all through your house.

Just because we’re in fall or getting into winter, it doesn’t mean you have to keep your lights on even when not in use. However, we suggest that you try and maintain a consistent lighting color all through your house.

Lighting Ideas for Fall

When it comes to lighting your house for fall, there are ways in which you can have the lighting be both functional and appealing. Here are some fall lighting ideas we think can bring out the best of your house in both aesthetics and making it that warm heaven for you during fall and winter.

string lightsString lights

To light up your outdoor spaces, we suggest you check out string light installations. Aside from the bulbs, string lights can be painted in either contrasting colors or colors that blend into your surroundings.

For the best effect, string lights should be set up on trees where the bulbs can be installed to appear as hanging fruits. When it comes to lighting, you can have fun with the colors in which the bulbs will light, red or green glows being the most popular choice.

Decorated lanterns for outside

Still, on matters outside, just because you’re using lanterns or light posts, it doesn’t mean they have to look dull. Wood carved lanterns are a good way to go when decorating your outdoor lighting.

Alternatively, you can get synthetic wood-carved lanterns at affordable prices. We vouch for synthetic wood lanterns because they are reinforced and properly laminated to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Outdoor themed lampstands

Indoors, you could have a go at having nature-themed lamps. Still, on wood carving, carved wood lampstands make for really good decor and can be used to complement the furniture.

Unlike outdoor lanterns, we think it’s a good idea to have hand-crafted authentic wood lampstands since you have extreme weather to worry about. To bring the outdoor spring feeling indoors, you can have your lampstands decorated with colors to match your outdoor surroundings.

Try out light baskets

Light baskets make for really appealing outdoor lighting. We recommend the porch as being the best place to fit your light basket. Light baskets are made from light bulbs being fitted inside synthetic fruit and vegetable cutouts.

Traditionally, fall is a season associated with stocking up the harvest and preparing for winter. Having a harvest-themed light basket lighting up your doorway is a nice sign to your visitors that they are being welcomed into a warm and bountiful home.

Color-changing bulbs

Color-changing bulbs are a good way to spice up your home’s lighting situation during fall. While keeping the light color warm is important, this doesn’t mean you have to leave with this all through the season and do nothing about the monotony.

Depending on your preference, you can try out different color variations, or you could always reach out to us or visit our stores to get insights on

Homepage banner 4Light up your corridors and walkways

Floor lights are always a good fit for corridors and walkways. Through LEDs lining the floor, you can have an installation where the floor lights can change their color depending on your preference.

Lighted jars

Lighted jars are a simple but functional way to sort out your fall lighting situation. Transparent glass jars lined out across the porch make for good outdoor fall lighting. For this to work, you can have the jars either fixed in place or portable.

For the fixed option of lighted jars, the jars would be fixed and used as covers for LEDs or bulbs. When made for portability, lighted jars are mostly fitted with candles or can have battery-powered LEDs.

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