Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How is your lighting system controlled?

A: There are a lot of options to control your lighting system. Options range from an analog timer-being able to control your system through your mobile device. Most of our clients choose to use an astrological timer. This is our most popular option because it automatically self-adjusts throughout the year.

Q: Your lighting fixture has a 10-20-or lifetime warranty. Why get a maintenance program?

A: The warranty covers the performance of the fixture and the LED components. Our objective is for your system to preform like it is brand new throughout its lifetime. In order to achieve this your lights need to be cleaned, re-adjusted from landscape changes, minor pruning needs to be done around the fixtures and transformers and timers need to be monitored for optimal performance.
We also see fixtures getting knocked out of focus and damaged from landscapers, pets, children, and vehicles. Our maintenance contract will handle these issues and prevent major damage to the system.

Q: Can we do solar?

A: We do have solar options, but in order to do solar correctly to power a whole system, you need an independent solar set up. That being said, fixtures that have individual solar panels built in are not something our company offers due to the poor quality and capabilities.

Q: Will my lights be LED?

A: Yes, for new system. Oregon Outdoor Lighting has been exclusively LED since 2011. We do still offer maintenance for all outdoor lighting systems.

Q: Do you contract out your installers?

A: No, all of our employees work directly for Oregon Outdoor Lighting.

Q: What services do you provide?

A: Oregon Outdoor Lighting is a full service design/ build firm. Our lighting designers create custom, one of a kind designs. Our project managers and excellent install crews provide installation services. We also offer the most comprehensive maintenance plans available to keep your system running like new and to keep your investment protected.

Q: When do you get brought into a project?

A: As soon as you have a concept or plans and before any construction begins.
Starting before construction allows you to keep options open and allows us to access power. For example we do a lot of lights that are built into driveways, walk ways and on buildings, so if you wait too long to contact us it makes this idea very difficult or impossible.

Q: Are you expensive?

A: To answer this question we turned to our clients and three answers we got consistently were:

1. Yes.
2. We received the best value.
3. We would do it again.

You hire us not for the lights, but for our expertise in design, our expertise in LED lighting, our expertise in installation and the long term support and care for our clients.


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