How can I make my yard look more expensive?


Want a yard that looks elegant and impressive? Expert landscapers know there are a lot of secret tricks to making your home look more expensive. Simple choices like the right lighting or grass seed can add extra class to any yard. If you’re looking to boost your curb appeal and give your home a more high-end look, check out these great tips. 

Add Furniture and Decor

Keep in mind that most expensive yards aren’t just acres of perfectly groomed greenery. Instead, yards that look expensive are often yards that are meant to be an extra living space. Depending on the size of your yard, this can be as simple as a few lounge chairs and a beverage table, or it can be a huge, built-in bar with a full table for dining. The main thing to keep in mind is just to be thoughtful and intentional with your furniture. Try to group it into balanced seating areas and ensure it all matches the overall look of your yard. To make everything look even more impressive, consider a few pieces of tasteful decor such as sculptures, lanterns, or water features.

Use a Unified Design Scheme

All the wealthiest properties work with landscape designers who craft a single, unified theme for the lawn. This bespoke look makes your yard seem more intentional and less like a collection of random budget items thrown together. Picking a design theme is about more than selecting patio furniture, light fixtures, and pots with a similar style. For a truly elegant look, you might also want to ensure your landscaping, deck design, sidewalks, and patios also match the theme. For example, consider cobblestone paths and roses for an English garden style or brushed concrete and sculptural succulents for an industrial design. 

entranceEmphasize Your Entrance

A simple yet very effective design trick is putting a lot of focus on your entrances. Areas like the start of your sidewalk, the fence gate, or the patio door are all excellent areas to frame with plants, pots, and other decor items. Creating these focal points adds extra luxury without making the space seem too crowded. It’s also easier to design since you can instantly get a balanced look by just placing one of each item on either side of the entrance. For an extra touch of class, consider upgrading the entrances themselves. Fresh paint on the door, custom hardware on the gate, or a tasteful trellis over a walkway can really make your home stand out. 

Accent Your Yard With Lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to take your yard to the next level. Not only does it add a tasteful touch of decor, but it also makes the space more useful for evening barbecues and outdoor garden parties. There are a lot of different styles depending on your tastes. Some people like spotlights that call attention to gorgeous old trees, stunning architectural features, or other elements that make their property stand out. You can also add lighting as a practical design element along sidewalks and patios. With the right design, it’s easy to find a lighting style that makes your home more elegant. 

Landscape lightingChoose Landscaping That Works With Your Climate

Even the priciest lawn instantly looks cheap when all the landscaping is wilted, drooping, and browning. Though irrigation can help a little, things like incorrect temperatures or sunlight levels can still harm your yard. This is why it’s important to be thoughtful when choosing your greenery. By choosing shrubs, flowers, and grass that work with your unique climate, you can ensure everything flourishes. This step takes a little extra research, but it’s one of the secrets to getting a fantastic yard. 

Discreetly Hide Functional Items

In most yards, there are inevitably some ugly yet functional things you need to keep around. Items like trash cans, lawn tools, pool toys, and grills have a purpose, but if they’re just scattered around your home, it looks messy and cheap. Finding better ways to store these items is a quick way to declutter your yard and make it seem more elegant. Depending on how many items you have to organize, you might benefit from a shed or other storage area. If that’s not an option, creative designs like shrubs or an ivy-covered fence can hide these objects a little better. 

Maintain Everything Thoroughly

Maintenance and tidiness are often the hallmarks of an expensive yard. When everything looks properly cared for, it makes it look instantly classier. Make sure your lawn is nicely mowed, your shrubs are properly trimmed, and dead limbs are removed from trees. You also need to stay up-to-date on maintaining the features of your yard. Regularly cleaning patios, adding new bulbs to light fixtures, and washing outdoor upholstery makes a big difference.

If you want to upgrade your lawn’s lighting, Oregon Outdoor Lighting is here to help. We have plenty of experience working on projects both big and small. Whether you want to accent your home’s existing luxury features or make a simple property look more expensive, our custom-designed lighting systems make a huge difference. Our team will work with you to help create an outdoor lighting system that suits your unique style and needs. To schedule your complimentary consultation, contact us today. 

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