They Couldn’t Find Anybody To Fix Their Outdoor Lighting System


Outdoor lighting systems are getting more common but some homeowners still have a problem finding a quality outdoor lighting company to upgrade their current systems. In the video above, Dan MacKenzie, one of our Design & Sales Consultants, walks you through a recently-completed replacement project of some pool lighting for a property in Tualatin, Oregon. 

Previously, the client had non-working lights in their backyard for over 7 years before finding Oregon Outdoor Lighting. They had multiple companies tell them they couldn’t or just simply wouldn’t do it because they either didn’t have the expertise, job was too much work, or both.  Needless to say, we replaced and upgraded their system and they couldn’t be more happy.

Using just two different light fixtures, the large well light and the deck light, we accomplished what we set out to do: solve lighting problems and make our clients happy.

Take a look at what we did to transform this home at night.

Upgrading The Deck Lights

To start, the house had a really old lighting system that never worked around the pool area. The homeowners had tried several other companies to take a look at it, but nobody would help them out. They finally found us at a home show event, where they spoke with Dan and he devised a solution for them.

They had old halogen well lights installed around the perimeter of the pool area lighting up different features of the home. Considering that the actual lighting design and placement of the fixtures was good, we just upgraded the existing fixtures with our large LED well lights and retrofitted them into the existing holes with some custom mortar work to fill in the bezel, thanks to our expert installer, George.

Old halogen deck light.
Updated deck and well lights.

Lighting the Potted Plants

Another really unique feature of this pool area is the pillars along the outsides of the waterfall leading up to the BBQ area. Previously, the client had well lights installed on top of the pillars that uplit some potted plants that are placed there. To stay with a consistent theme and look, we again replaced those with our large well lights which creates a really cool aesthetic effect on the potted plants at night.



Stair Lighting

Here, we again replaced the old halogen deck lights with a more modern LED fixture to provide illumination on all the stairs around the back yard area. This combines safety, visual appeal, and a better light output that all of our outdoor lighting solutions provide.

Illuminating the Hot Tub Area

Last, to continue the theme of the design, we installed well lights in front of the pillars and deck lights on the sides of the pillars to light up the stairs going into the hot tub. This keeps the hot tub area safely lit, preventing any trip hazards while getting in or out of the hot tub while at the same not taking away from the privacy that is preferred when using the space at night.  Having the lights installed in this manner also prevents glare from the light fixtures while sitting in the hot tub. 

* * * 

As you can see, we were able to provide the clients with something they hadn’t had since they bought this house seven years ago: the ability to enjoy their pool area at night.

If your lighting system needs an upgrade or if you don’t have an outdoor lighting system and would like one, contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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