How We Transformed This Oregon City Home with Outdoor Lighting


In this video Ryan Schulze, takes you on a transformation of an old Street of Dreams project designed by us at Oregon Outdoor Lighting. You’ll be able to see our approach versus the original lighting installation, and see just how we can enhance your property at night with our expert landscape lighting services.

#1: Driveway Path Light Upgrade

The original path lights along the driveway stood 18’’ off the ground and illuminated the driveway. Our approach was to replace those original path lights and install uplights on the trees to bring out the natural features of the property. The visual effect is stunning and useful, guiding you down in a domino-effect that draws you in. 

#2: Driveway Gate Lighting

As we examined the property coming closer to the gate, we wanted to show both sides of the driveway. We wanted to match it with ambient light on both sides, which was absent beforehand. As you’ll see in the video, the before and after is night and day (pun intended).

#3: Gate Keypad

Attention to detail is important when it comes to landscape lighting. One minute detail we noticed was that the gate keypad wasn’t lit. Our solution was simple: we put the light underneath the keypad to give it a little glow and enhance the nighttime visibility before going into your home. 

#4: Rock Walls

On the left side of the property are two levels of rock walls. To really bring out the features of the stone, we illuminated each rock wall with a combination of wall washers and spotlights.

#5: Rockwork

The rock work on the home was just screaming for attention, so we lit up all the way from the garage to the far corner of the home with a mixture of:

#6: Illuminating the Front of the Home

Maple trees are a great choice for homes that want to feature their lush leaves that change with the seasons with landscape lighting. For this property, we uplit the maple trees to bring out the colorful nighttime foliage. 

To compliment the front of the home, we uplit two pillars that lead to the front entrance as well as the courtyard in the front. Considering the rock work is only on the bottom half of the home, we chose wall washers over a spotlight – the reason being is that wall washers give a lower clearance that matched where the rock wall ended compared to using a spot light.

#7: Back Stair Path Lighting

The path that goes around to the back of the home was in dire need of lighting. We used a mixture of path lights and spot lights. Spot lights showed off the major features of trees lining the back pathway, while the path lights gave the stairs an ambient glow and helped in avoiding a trip hazard along the steps. 

#8: Second Path

Traditionally, the go-to lighting design for the path like the two that go around the property are lit by spotlights. We went with a totally different approach, using spotlights for all the major trees all along the property. This approach enabled the reflected light to illuminate the path and accommodated for a more aesthetically-pleasing view from the home which the homeowner sees every night. 

* * *

As you can see, we can dramatically transform your property into a luxurious nighttime wonderland. At Oregon Outdoor Lighting, we can bring out the most stunning and eye-catching features with our outdoor lighting installations. We offer a complimentary no obligation nighttime demonstration that can bring a new reality to how your property would look with our artistic touch. Contact us today to learn more about our passion to provide the best in landscape lighting.


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