Outdoor Lighting Design Walkthrough


In the video above, experience a “before & after” presentation of the top-tier transformations available from Oregon Outdoor Lighting. Presented by our design and sales consultant, Ryan Schulze, he takes you through our intuitive process of thoroughly upgrading the outdoor lighting and how we customize it to your home. This beautiful house in Lake Oswego, is now even more stunning thanks to the artistic vision and expertise of our team. Here’s how we did it:
  • Unblocked the Path Lights
  • Illuminated Dark Retaining Wall
  • Ambient Stair Lighting
  • Modern Driveway Path Lighting
  • Upgrading the Deck Lights
  • Enchanced Seating Areas
  • Feature-oriented Landscape Lighting

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1. Unblocking the Path Lights

Minute details matter when it comes to presenting your home in the best light. One of the first things we noticed with the home is that the previous installation of landscape lighting had poor placement of lighting behind shrubbery, which obstructed the available light. To fix this, we added well lights to showcase the curb and the grasses for an illumination effect that shows off the front section of the home from the street view.

2. Illuminating the Retaining Wall

Another thing we noticed on the property was that a retaining rock wall along the front of the home was virtually invisible at night. To fix this, we installed wall washers in the soft scape at the base of the wall to cast a soft light onto the rock which adds a nice dramatic effect that can be seen from the road.

3. Stair Lighting

Similar to the retaining wall, the stairs leading to the front entranceway of the property were unlit and ambiguous. Considering an oversight like this can lead to injury and safety issues, we designed an attractive solution with well lights placed into the concrete stairs, as well as the raised porch section above resulting in a nice uplighting that complements the rest of the lighting design, eliminates unwanted dark spots on the home, and the light bouncing off the home creates a nice soft ambient light for the stairway. 


4. Maximum Visibility with Driveway Path Lights

Based on the specifications of our client, they wanted to maximize the visibility of the driveway with modern LED lighting. Instead of the well lights that we used for other areas of the home, we used P10 Pathlights to illuminate the driveway leading to the home, which last longer, are more directional, and are brighter than conventional outdoor lighting solutions. As you approach the front of the home at the end of the driveway, we used well lights flush with the ground to maximize the space and brighten the rock work around the retaining wall in front of the home. 


5. Upgrading the Deck Lighting

When it comes to your home’s outdoor lighting, it’s important to pay attention to how it is presented in the daytime as well as the nighttime. Along the back deck, the home owner had string lights wrapped around the railing which didn’t look very flattering during the day, so we replaced the entire installation with S1 Halo lights installed flush in the concrete in front of every other vertical pole along the entire deck that showcased the railing with minimalist fixtures.

Additionally, this property featured a salt water pool in proximity to the deck, which can cause many types of metal fixtures to rust or tarnish. To anticipate these potential problems, Ryan ordered a custom stainless steel casing for the lights within close proximity of the pool that will ensure that the fixtures looks new for decades to come. 




6. Enhanced Seating Areas

Considering that the property featured a vast amount of seated entertaining areas in the back of the home, strip lights around the fireplace and bench area were used to round out the home’s nighttime illumination. This not only created an attractive setting to view the home’s natural surroundings, but also provided safety and a unique entertaining environment for the home’s occupants. Best of all, the seating area’s features can be controlled individually from the convenience of your smartphone for setting the perfect mood and tone for your outdoor space. 



7. Feature-oriented Landscape Lighting

Emphasizing the railing look, we continued with a similar theme by the kitchen window to eliminate dark, unlit spots around the walk way and railing. Lastly, the property had a few palm trees in the back corner, and what property would be complete with unlit foliage? So you know we had to make sure that was visible from inside the kitchen looking out. 



As you can see, our expertise and attention to detail can make your home more attractive, functional, and luxurious than you’ve ever imagined. By incorporating the natural structural features and using more than a decade of inventive experience, our team of experts can transform your property to maximize the value of your home and provide the latest in ecologically-sound lighting technology. 

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