Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape Lighting Design


Landscape lighting is a rising trend in Oregon. High-quality landscape lighting design highlights the borders and beautiful shrub patterns in your lawn design even during the night. The aesthetics of a well-lit landscape is more appealing at night than during the day. That means you can host more evening parties and bring your grill out in the night. Proper outdoor lighting enhances security and safety in your compound, especially with floodlights.

Oregon Outdoor Lighting is your one-stop landscape lighting design company for both commercial and residential properties. With decades of combined experience, you can count on our services to reflect your money’s value. You can also count on our experts to meet, if not surpass, your preference and expectations. At Oregon Outdoor Lighting, we understand the need for project uniqueness and making your lawn the neighborhood’s envy.

Our Landscape Lighting Services

If you’re looking for a lighting design that will blow your mind and allow you to enjoy your luxuries in peace, we are just a phone call away. We listen to your story and imaginations and turn them into reality. We are consistent and pretty forthcoming with high-quality designs. At our company, we put every dollar you spend at work. Among the landscape lighting services that we offer to the Oregon region and beyond include:

1. Handcrafted Lighting Design

Talk to our gifted experts who can help bring your ideas to life. We believe in creating a unique design that embodies your taste, needs, preferences, and specifications. A high-quality handcrafted lighting design will illuminate every aesthetic aspect of your lawn to enhance your luxurious outdoor experience. After a day of intense work in the office, you’d want an outdoor space that connects you to nature with glitters. You’d also like an ambiance that reflects actual artistry work. We make that happen.

2. Expert Landscape Lighting Installation

We have a resourceful team that brings together decades of combined experience. Landscape lighting installation is our job, and we do it wholeheartedly. We believe in forging long-lasting relationships with all our clients, regardless of the scope of work. We treat every project professionally and to your satisfaction. You can count on us for expert lighting fixture installations that will last for years with little to zero maintenance costs. With more than 25,000 lights installed in Oregon, we are the experts to trust with your money.

3. Hassle-Free Service and Maintenance

Weekend time will no longer be repair times when you hire our services. We understand how stressful broken light fixtures can be, especially when dusk comes. That is why we give you hassle-free repair and maintenance schedules to ensure that your lighting is functional all-year around. Use your precious time to spend quality moments with family as we do the complex, manual repair and maintenance work. You can trust us with safe, high-quality repair and maintenance services that don’t jeopardize your pets and family safety.

4. Future Repairs and Upgrades

After a successful design and installation, we don’t disappear and leave you to juggle different service providers for your arising lighting needs. We understand that you might need to expand your outdoor lighting for several reasons. It can be for safety concerns or just expanding a luxurious ambiance to accommodate more evening parties. We constantly communicate with our clients to fulfill their future upgrading and repair needs as soon as they arise.

5. Holiday Lighting

Make your holidays brighter and better than you’ve ever experienced. With customized holiday lighting solutions for your landscape, we enhance your outdoor aesthetic looks to delight vising guests and passersby. We help you select all materials that match different holiday seasons, whether it’s Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Easter. We target different parts of your landscape for illumination, including shrubs, prominent trees, and pathways.

6. Consultation Services

Sometimes you just want to talk about your experiences with the current landscape lighting design and see whether you have superior upgrade options. Our lines are always open, including during weekends, to give you unparalleled access to consultation services. We also provide advice on good lighting habits that can enhance the lifespan of your fixtures.

Why Should You Work with Us?

At Oregon Outdoor Lighting, we uphold to satisfy all the complex outdoor lighting needs of our customers. We are unique and different from all the service providers in the region. We make you feel like a welcomed new customer and an appreciated long-term customer. It is our goal to brighten as many Oregon homes as possible. What gives us a competitive edge over other companies? Here are some of the reasons why you should work with us:

1. Expert Lighting Technicians

We pride our work on professionalism, experience, and dependability. We have a designing and installation team that leverages years of experience to accord you services that befit your class, taste, and money. Our staff undergoes continuous training to demonstrate strong work ethics when working on your project consistently. We also do background checks and drug screening before adding anyone to our team. That way, you can always count on us for experienced and trustworthy technicians.

2. Dependable Customer Care Services

Our customer care desk is accessible throughout the week. Besides our telephone lines, you can reach us through customer support email or the live pop-up chat on our website. Our average online ticket resolution time is five minutes. A customer care agent will also jump to a straight call with you within the hour of lodging your complaints or concerns. We give you access to a customer service team that will always be there when you need our services the most, say an emergency repair need.

3. All-In-One Landscape Lighting Services

We understand the hassle and frustrations that come with juggling service providers. Some don’t show up, while others have fluctuating prices that take more money from you without reflecting any value in the quality of work done. Access all landscape lighting services under one roof that cater to all your needs. Our services include consultation, designing, installation, repair, and maintenance schedules. Our prices don’t change with seasons as we don’t play money games with our clients. We pride ourselves on honesty and transparency.

4. Happy Clients

Since our company’s inception, we have already installed more than 25,000 landscape lights in Oregon. All our customers speak in a singular voice and tone that our services reflect their investments’ value. The satisfaction experienced by our customers speaks for the quality of our services. You can also join the list of these happy customers. Our startup process is pretty simple; give us a call or fill the online booking form.

5. Schedule a Free Demo

It is essential to understand how your home will look before making a purchase decision. You can envision the actual look of your landscape at night through our professional demonstrations. After consultation and favorite design picks, our technicians will install a temporary full-scale lighting demo to see how the final results will look. Our demos don’t involve digging or pruning any shrubs unless to minimize any damage to your manicured lawns.

6. Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Once clients sign up for our various maintenance and repair plans, they become part of the Oregon Outdoor Lighting family. We stay with you as long as you need to illuminate your outdoor living space at night. All our new installation and upgrade services entail ongoing support and maintenance for seasonal changes.

outdoor lightingThe Landscape Lighting Design of Oregon Outdoor Lighting Designs

Our lighting services go beyond highlighting your beautiful shrubs and illuminating dark paths. When doing our job, we have the future in mind. We pride our services on high-quality installations that will last for ages with minimal repair and maintenance needs. What do you stand to gain with our landscape lighting projects? Here is how our services stack up to other service providers:

1. Our Lightings are Durable for Longevity

Both our LED lights and fixtures have high-quality construction materials to enhance longevity and durability. Go wild during your evening parties without caring much about the fixtures since they are knock-resistant. If anyone falls on them, the high chances are that the person will get hurt, but your fixtures will remain standing. The materials are also rust-resistant to stay functional in all weather conditions.

2. Our Systems Are Easy-To-Use

As a busy homeowner, you hardly get enough time to make it home just before the onset of dusk. We take that into account. You don’t have to be physically present to power on the landscape lights. You also don’t need a standby employee to do the same. We install high-quality landscape with automatic power on and off features. You can adjust the timer as per your needs, especially when you want 24-hour lighting.

3. We Use Top-Quality Products

We gear all our services, including lighting materials, towards quality and longevity. We have active partnerships and strong relationships with reputable suppliers in the industry.

We can access all your material preferences at relatively affordable rates without compromising quality. We can also give you different options to choose shat best suits your budget. We only use top-quality materials to minimize repair and maintenance needs.

4. Enjoy Materials with Sturdy Constructions

We understand how a well-lit landscape attracts night activities. Friends and relatives will love to chill and grill on your landscape until late into the night. As time goes by, the more your guests are having fun. Our fixtures and LED lighting feature sturdy construction materials that can withstand impacts from falling objects without malfunctioning or deforming their looks.

5. Industry-Recognized Professionals

Our technicians boast various achievements, certifications, and recognition both at the company and individual levels. Our company has a strong reputation across the industry as we only work with trusted and experienced professionals.

We have healthy industry relationships with other players who facilitate our high-quality and unique services. The team is bigger to take care of your intricate landscape lighting needs.

6. Save More with Our Energy-Efficient Bulbs

Forget about hefty energy bills that come with traditional halogen lightings. Our low-voltage LED lights are energy-efficient and consume up to 80% less energy than typical halogens. If you do the math, you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars annually. You can use that money to install more superior LED lightings and fixtures or expand the lawn altogether.

7. Artistic Lighting Designs and Installation

Our landscape lighting options complement the artistic architecture of your landscape. We give lighting solutions that highlight artwork’s beauty by focusing on the borders, patterns, and prominent shrubs. That is why we gear our services towards actualizing your imagination and dream. The way you say it is how we design and install it.

garden lightsThe Benefits of LED Lighting in Your Landscape

Do you ever contemplate installing a new lighting design in your landscape? How about repairing or upgrading the existing one? Installing LED bulbs is the safest form of lighting that a homeowner can enjoy than halogen lighting solutions. Besides wasting energy, halogen lighting solutions can burn your pets and vegetation. Here are other benefits that come with LED lighting in your landscape:

1. Functional Landscape

Can you imagine how frustrating it can be if you have to leave the peace and calmness of your landscape simply because it is getting dark? With high-quality LED lighting, your landscape becomes functional 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can host guests from evening until late into the night without sacrificing a luxurious outdoor space for indoor boredom.

2. Security and Safety

As you retire home after a day of intense work at the office, you’d want a landscape that facilitates your evening walks and green exercises without impairing your safety. A high-quality LED lighting illuminates the whole compound, making it nigh impossible for intruders to creep in. Our lighting systems illuminate all thick shrubs to ensure your security guys have an open view of every corner of the yard.

3. Aesthetic Beauty

Why would you want your home’s beauty to go down with the sunset? Your home is more than just a residential place. It is a sanctuary that you proudly associate yourself with.

Our lighting solution enhances the aesthetic looks of your property at night. Your lawn will become the neighborhood’s envy as everyone opts for a design that mimics yours. You can always sleep peacefully knowing that you can access your luxury outdoor living space at any time of the night and enjoy the beautiful view.

4. Modern Technology

Why use outdated technology to illuminate your landscape at night? Halogen lightings are out of fashion and won’t give you the same aesthetic appeal and experience as LED lighting. We always recommend LED lighting to our clients because it is less costly and utilizes modern eco-friendly technology.

5. Little to Zero Maintenance Costs

A typical landscape LED light has a lifespan of about 25,000 hours. At Oregon Outdoor Lighting, we go the extra mile to source the best-LED lamps that can surpass a typical lifespan by almost a double. LED lights with a lifespan of 50,000 hours can last you for about three years if you decide to power them 24 hours a day, seven hours a week. Some homeowners love to illuminate their lawns round the clock, especially during foggy days.

If you opt for night power only, the lights can last for up to four years. We give you solutions that reflect your money’s value.

beautiful homeReveal Your Home’s Beauty at Night

Having a fully functional lawn, whether during the day or at night, is a dream of many homeowners. Oregon Outdoor Lighting is your listening partner to ensure that your dreams come to light. Power your outdoor environment with our high-quality installation, repair, and maintenance services. Remember, we give you a demo before commencing the work to meet your expectations. The whole design is an inspiration for your ideas and imagination. You think it; we make it a reality. Give us a call: 503-313-8580 to unveil your landscape’s beauty at night.


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