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Outdoor Lighting Repair

While other homes are disappearing into the night your home will come to life as a showpiece of design sensibility. We understand your home is more than just a residence to you. It should be a visual masterpiece that friends, neighbors, even passerby’s can’t help but stop and take notice. All of our custom-designed systems are the result of a personal collaboration with each client. You have your own specific style, taste, wants, and needs. We are here to ensure your lighting system will reflect this.
Oregon Outdoor Lighting believes in a “Design First” philosophy. This means is you will never be sold on a light fixture. Beautiful outdoor lighting is about creating feelings and emotion. While the quality of the fixtures and LED components are vital to the overall success of your project, we believe in demonstrating your design first.
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Lighting System Upgrades

Sometimes maintaining an older lighting system no longer makes sense. The long term cost to maintain a system can be far greater and a bigger headache than upgrading to a new system with a fully covered 20 year warranty. We can upgrade your current system to modern LED lights with top of the line fixtures from Garden Light LED.


Better Lightning Design
We can move the fixtures into a more optimal spot to help bring out your home or landscape features.
Modern Led Lights
This means longer lasting, higher quality light output and you’ll never have to change a a bulb!
All of the lighting systems we install come with a fully covered 20 year warranty. If anything ever happens, just give us a call.
Top Of The Line Products
We are the Northwest’s exclusive supplier of Garden Light LED products. Garden Light fixtures are meticulously designed, manufactured, and assembled in Tampa, Florida and come with a 20 year guarantee.
Energy Cost Savings
Modern LED technology uses only a fraction of the energy that halogen systems use.
Smart Home Integration
Connect your outdoor LED lighting system to your home lighting controls or a smartphone app.

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