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Kyle McKelvy

Born and raised in Oregon, Kyle McKelvy embarked on his lighting career in 2006 while stationed at Macdill Air Force Base in Tampa, FL. Under the personal mentorship of the owners of Garden Light LED, Kyle discovered his innate talent and passion for crafting outdoor lighting experiences. In 2008, Kyle and his wife Leah founded Oregon Outdoor Lighting, driven by their shared love for lighting and the vision of establishing a family-focused company.

Kyle’s expertise garnered both local and national recognition, leading to collaborations with esteemed designers and builders across the Northwest. He also seized speaking and mentoring opportunities on a national level. Kyle thrives on a hands-on approach, maintaining direct involvement with numerous clients across Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Hawaii, California, and Nevada.

Presently, Kyle serves as a consultant for lighting designers, landscape architects, electricians, and manufacturers on both local and national scales.

Beyond his professional pursuits, Kyle embodies a passion for lighting design and business. When not crafting outdoor lighting experiences for his clients, he cherishes moments with his wife Leah and their three children. As a family, they engage actively in their church community, relish the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest outdoors, and enthusiastically support their children’s sporting endeavors. Kyle also indulges in personal hobbies such as health and fitness, and he is renowned for his mastery of brisket preparation.

Kyle McKelvy and his family

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