Oregon Outdoor Lighting Now Providing Free Nighttime LED Lighting Demonstrations

Oregon Outdoor Lighting Now Providing Free Nighttime LED Lighting Demonstrations

Offering an array of modern and high-tech custom LED lighting options, Oregon Outdoor Lighting has catered to a diverse portfolio of residential and commercial clients in the state of Oregon. Custom-tailored to the needs of each property, their lighting designs not only provide an elegant visual aspect to the property but they also help property owners save on energy costs. The company is now offering complimentary nighttime demos of their lighting designs and techniques.

A company representative made an official statement for the press “Here at Oregon Outdoor Lighting, we are a truly customer-oriented company and we work hard to deliver highly tailored outdoor LED lighting solutions to a wide range of residential and commercial clients. Our main goal is to transform homes and properties with beautiful lighting solutions while helping them save money on energy costs. In addition to being energy efficient, our LED designs present a meticulous dichotomy of timeless and modern aesthetics. Each member of our team boasts their own unique skills and together we provide an experience that is unmatched in both design aesthetics and functionality. Plus, our lights and workmanship are warranted for the life of the system.” 

Oregon Outdoor Lighting works with a “design first” ideology. Under this approach, the company consults with the clients and creates a unique lighting design that suits their taste and enhances the unique look of their property. Instead of selling just a light fixture, the company focuses greatly on the design in order to create a truly stand-out end product. The company also offers extensive maintenance and repair services for halogen and incandescent lighting systems. 

The representative further spoke about the free demonstration “In order to give potential clients a clear picture of the experience and the final product they will get when they choose to work with us, we are now offering a free demo through our website. Interested clients can fill out a form and we will not only provide a free demo but also consult with you regarding your design needs and provide a full estimate of the costs involved in giving you a truly desirable LED lighting design for your property.” 

While the company is offering maintenance for its own systems, their team is also capable of handling any other pre-existing lighting systems that may need repairing, maintenance or full replacement. 

More details about the company, along with the free demo form, can be seen on their official website at https://oregonoutdoorlighting.com/.