Service & Maintenance


Service & Maintenance

Many outdoor LED lighting systems are sold as being “maintenance-free.” This is simply not true. Virtually anything you buy especially something you put outside needs some level of maintenance. Having a service plan is the only way to completely protect your investment. While there are no bulbs to change with an LED system there is still cleaning, adjusting, and core system checks that need to be performed.
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Before The Transition To LED,

we spent years being experts in halogen and incandescent lighting. That knowledge is used every day by our service techs that maintain and manage all of the older halogen and incandescent systems still in use. While almost all new systems in the Northwest are LED, we understand the investment that many people have made in high-quality halogen systems.
We offer industry-leading service plans on a quarterly or annual basis to protect your investment and give you the most longevity and enjoyment out of your current systems as possible. No matter what type of system you have our service plans will guarantee you the highest possible ROI.

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