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Beaverton Outdoor Lighting

Beaverton Landscape Lighting

We have worked with many home owners in the Beaverton, Oregon area over the years and one thing is constant. The need for light. Winter is dark and cold in the Willamette Valley, nowhere is that truer than in Beaverton. Outdoor lighting makes a home look more inviting and safer. A well lit home will have better curb appeal and can potentially prevent would-be burglars. In addition a well lit patio or deck will allow you to host guests without worrying about their safety as these spaces can get wet and people can slip quite easily. Especially with the moderate rainfall we see in Beaverton every year. We carry a huge variety of lighting options for your yard and outdoor living spaces and our technicians are experts in placing them perfectly. We try to make it even easier on our customers by also offering a free nighttime demonstration where we come out to your home, setup the lights and show you exactly what it will look like to upgrade your landscape lighting with us.

Deck & Patio Lighting

If you have an outdoor living space such as a deck or patio it is very important to keep the area well lit for the safety of your family and guests. This is especially true for stairs and stone walkways. Because of the moderate rainfall we see in Beaverton, these areas are prone to being slippery and for growing moss which increases the chances of slipping and falling. We recommend our customers purchase lighting for these areas as its one of the most important areas of the home to illuminate for optimal safety.

Curb Appeal & Property Value

A state of the art landscape lighting installation can provide a lot of added value to any home. More importantly though it can actually help your home sell faster and for a higher asking price than without lighting. This benefit is twofold. First it adds curb appeal by creating an atmosphere of sophistication around the home. A well lit home looks safer and more appealing than a dark poorly lit home. In Beaverton, Oregon many homes will be showed during darker afternoons and evenings due to our shorter days and longer nights during fall, winter and even spring. Many real estate experts suggest selling during the winter months in order to get a higher asking price. This is possible because of the lower volume of properties for sale (since most people want to move during the summer). Even if you’re selling during the summer and potential buyers are viewing the home during the day, the visible light fixtures and added outdoor lighting details in the specs of your home will be sure to appeal. The added investment that you put into your property also adds to the value of your home. Investing in your safety, your happiness and your pocket book at the same time seems like an obvious choice. For more information about our Beaverton landscape lighting services give us a call or email us today.