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Gresham Outdoor Lighting

Gresham Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting serves many purposes but the most important to most people is the aesthetic appeal. Landscape lighting makes your home stand out an look beautiful especially during the long dark winters in Oregon. Secondly, landscape lighting adds an element of safety. It protects you and your guests from potentially being injured by tripping, slipping or falling in the dark. It also protects your home by deterring potential burglars. Landscape lighting can be very affordable to install and maintain depending on the types of products you choose to use. LED lights used for landscape lighting in Gresham are one of the most energy efficient options.

Deck & Patio Lighting

Although the winters might be long and dark, the spring and summer months are very nice in the Willamette Valley and outdoor living spaces are a premium. Many home owners in and around Gresham, Oregon spend a lot of time and money upgrading their outdoor living spaces such as decks, patios and pool side areas. One element that many overlook tends to be lighting, which can add a lot of atmosphere to your space as well as helping to keep everyone safe from slips and falls. We recommend lighting any area that has stairs such as a backyard deck or a pathway through the property. Stone paths can get slippery when wet and if temperatures drop below freezing, stepping outside could be a dangerous endeavor. For durability many home owners in the region prefer to build paths and patios out of stone instead of wood. If moss is allowed to grow on stone, that could be a problem. Keep your patio and deck well lit with LED Lighting from Oregon Outdoor Lighting. Rather than just throwing up some lights we prefer to design first. This method creates a final product that is unmatched by our competitors and will amaze your neighbors.

Lighting Options

We carry all major brands and models of outdoor lighting fixtures. Our lighting experts will provide you with all the details you need to make an informed decision about which lights are best for your situation. Depending on which product you choose, you could save money on energy cost, experience a much more illuminated space, or protect your home from potential break-ins and protect your guests from falling. The options are practically endless and we will help you find the best options easily and quickly.

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