Portland Outdoor Lighting


Portland Landscape Lighting

As seen in the photograph above we offer premium landscape lighting services for folks living in and around Portland, Oregon. There are a lot of major benefits to having a state of the art outdoor lighting system like the ones seen in our gallery of work. Firstly you have the aesthetic value which also increases the monetary value of your home. Landscape lighting improves your curb appeal which is a factor that has been proven to increase the speed at which a home sells as well as increasing the asking/sale price. A state of the art lighting system is akin to great landscaping or an irrigation/sprinkler system. Buyers are looking for features like these types of features in homes. Secondly having a well lit property improves the security of your home. A well lit house is less likely to be the target of burglary since it makes it very difficult for would-be burglars to enter your home unseen. Thirdly, having well lit paths, walkways and deck stairs improves the safety for you, your family and guests to your home. No one wants to file a home owners insurance claim for an injury sustained on their property, good lighting can help prevent such injuries. We recommend that any owner with a deck ensures that their steps have lighting.

Deck & Landscape Lighting

Speaking of lighting for steps, we carry a vast variety of deck lighting options including hanging lights, wall lighting, sconces, and of course stairway lighting for decks, patios and other outdoor living spaces. If you plan on entertaining guests at your home not only will you impress them with your beautiful landscape and deck lighting but you will also help to ensure their safety as they enjoy your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Wall & Hanging Lights

As residents of Portland, Oregon we know that a lot of home owners prefer to have covered areas in their outdoor living spaces because of the heavy rainfall we see throughout the year. This is why we provide a variety of light fixture options including hanging lights, lanterns, wall sconces, rope and string lights, umbrella lights, outdoor chandeliers, and cylinder lights in addition to more traditional options for outdoor lighting.

Security Lighting

One of the most popular reasons we have heard from people in Portland for installing landscape lighting is for security reasons. We cannot agree more, and although we love to install beautifully designed landscape lighting features that impress the most scrupulous observer we are very proud to provide Portland Security Lighting services. Some of our options include Motion Sensing Lights, LED Security Lighting, Flood Lights and area lights which can cover a wide area providing extra illumination at night.

If you like what you see, please feel free to give us a call to setup your free nighttime installation demonstration. During your demo we will setup lighting features throughout your homes exterior and landscape to show you exactly what your home will look like once we are done. No other company offers anything like this in Oregon. See what you’ve been missing with Oregon Outdoor Lighting.