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Wilsonville Outdoor Lighting

Landscape Lighting Wilsonville, OR

Our team of professional installers has a lot of experience working in the Wilsonville, Oregon area and we are proud to provide the area with state of the art landscape lighting services. Earlier we mentioned our free nighttime demonstration. What we do for this demo is setup temporary lights outside your home at night so you can see what it will look like to have all the landscape lighting upgrades. We have found that seeing is believing and we encourage you to see what you’ve been missing. Take a look at our Gallery of Work to see some of the amazing landscape lighting we have installed over the years throughout Oregon.

Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting upgrades are one of our most popular requests. Wilsonville, Oregon is partly suburb, partly rural and there are many large lovely homes with vast landscapes. Many of our customers find that its more efficient to light the elements of the property closest to their home. That includes gazebos, decks, carports, swimming pools and other outdoor living spaces. We carry a variety of options in just about every style ranging from faux antique to modern stainless steel fixtures. Because many decks in the northwest are covered (you gotta endure the rain if you live in the Willamette Valley) we also offer a number of hanging lights and wall lighting options. We usually recommend that a decks stairs are well lit especially if you plan on entertaining guests in your outdoor living space. Give us a call to learn more about all of our lighting fixture options or to schedule a free nighttime demonstration.

Security Lighting

Your are not only getting the benefits of improving the curbside appeal of your Wilsonville home when you choose to upgrade with us. You are also receiving the added benefit of improved home security. Studies have shown that brighter exterior lighting reduces opportunities for burglars to break in under the cover of darkness. We also carry and install motion detector lights, flood lights, and far reaching area lights which keep your landscape well lit at night, deterring potential criminals from invading your home. So when you think about purchasing Wilsonville Landscape Lighting, remember that there are more benefits than just increasing your properties value and curb appeal, you are also improving your homes security.

Landscape Lighting Design

Landscape lighting is as much an art as it is a science. As a landscape is designed to provide visually appealing unique aspects to your property, so to does landscape lighting design. Our landscape lighting design experts are trained in light placement so that every light has a purpose and provides a desired effect. Splashing light on a wall, a tree or a plant can brighten a landscapes focal points as if it were a work of art. Traditional outdoor lighting placed near walkways and used sparingly in sconces and used to light other outdoor living spaces is perfect for some of our clients. However, others prefer a more artistic take on outdoor lighting. For these clients we provide superior landscape lighting design in addition to installation and providing hardware. Our Wilsonville landscape lighting design services are available throughout the Portland area as well as the whole state of Oregon.

For more information about Landscape Lighting Maintenance in Wilsonville, Oregon please give us a call or email us today. We are proud to serve the Wilsonville area including all of the surrounding areas such as Tualatin, Canby, Sherwood, Newberg, Tigard, Oregon City, Lake Oswego and Hubbard.